Our wine is your wine.

Have your own wine estate, enjoy its assets and opportunities, but leave the risk, work and responsibility to others.
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About Us
Genuine bohemians do not follow conventions. They often spend their time in the company of like-minded people, yet they are not really committed to them. These are normally go-as-you-please relationships. They seek the fulfillment of their life in uncommon and a kind of unique ways. They mostly have artistic, literary, musical, or spiritual aspirations.

Bohemians are wanderers and adventurers and set their hearts on different aspects of life than everyone else.

(Ars poetica)

About the Club

Have you ever imagined the day when you hold your own wine in your hands? Maybe standing in your winery? Can you envision how would you sit under a walnut tree in peace and quiet and savor the past years while reminiscing? Perhaps you want to share your excellent vintages with family and friends in an exclusive environment, complemented by the creations of professional chefs?

My Wine Club & Bohemian Resort offers more than just a single product or a basic service. Our club members will experience an unforgettable state of mind that can change their whole life.
In the stylishly furnished clubhouse with a total of 9 rooms, and public spaces - that also gives home to contemporary arts - all the guests can enjoy the hospitality of Tokaj-Hegyalja and the club experience based on their chosen wine package.

The Bohemian Retreat is not only a place for winemaking, and relaxation. The wine estate - which is equipped with a pool - is a meeting place for an exclusive group, a permanent location for exclusionary, private events, artistic, and gastronomic programs, as well as professional, and entertaining workshops.
é. sz. 48° 14′ 010″, k. h. 21° 13′ 33″

The landscape

Tokaj-Hegyalja has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002 as a historical wine region and cultural landscape. The club is not just a simple winery. Not even a classic, ordinary wine club. Especially not a conventional accommodation.

My Wine Club offers something that no one else has before.
The club promises self-fulfillment, networking, and value-creation, with unexampled solutions.

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