The Bohemian Retreat is not only a place for winemaking, and relaxation. The wine estate - which is equipped with a pool - is a meeting place for an exclusive group, a permanent location for exclusionary, private events, artistic, and gastronomic programs, as well as professional, and entertaining workshops.
In the stylishly furnished clubhouse with a total of 9 rooms, and public spaces - that also gives home to contemporary arts - all the guests can enjoy the hospitality of Tokaj-Hegyalja and the club experience based on their chosen wine package.

Additional Services of My Wine Club


  • private gastro event with a reputable guest chef
  • private wine/beverage tasting led by international experts
  • wine dinner harmonized with the customers’ own wines
  • private winemaking courses related to thematic workshops events, focusing on cigar and bar culture
  • exhibitions
  • reading evenings
  • musical events

Additional options, including but not limited to

  • MyWine branded premium products, even based on individual needs
  • direct access to the entire beverage selection of Oroszlános Wine Estate
  • products of contemporary art ,and/or wine auctions
é. sz. 48° 14′ 010″, k. h. 21° 13′ 33″


Tállya is a mystical place. A sleepy village of a few thousand residents, which according to some measurements, lies in the geometric center of Europe. It was founded by Walloon settlers in the 13th century, and in the 18th century it was already the most populous market town in Zemplén county with the largest vineyard fields.